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CLAAS Post-harvest check

Professional diagnosis of the condition of your CLAAS machine.

Now you get great presents for every winter check.

CLAAS Post-harvest check

Professional diagnosis of the condition of your CLAAS machine.

Now you get great presents for every winter check.

Only a properly prepared machine can deliver optimum operational reliability.

The end of one harvest is the start of planning for the next one – that's the thinking behind the CLAAS post-harvest check, as a standard service package to assess the technical condition of your machine at the end of the season. Even minor damage, faults or wear problems could have a dramatic impact on the next season's results – so that must not be allowed to happen.

The original CLAAS post-harvest check is a professional diagnosis of your machine, for the reliable detection and documentation of any weak points. The diagnosis report can be provided in digital form if required. This shows you and your CLAAS sales partner exactly what has to be done to get your machine into shape for the coming season.

The benefits at a glance

  • Increased operating reliability
  • Higher resale value of the machine
  • Detailed technical diagnosis in the original CLAAS check log booklet
  • On-the-spot advice and information on retrofit options
  • Professional checking of your current software with the CLAAS DIAGNOSE SYSTEM (CDS)
  • Service documentation with the CLAAS Online System
  • Direct knowledge transfer for on-board optimisation
  • Recording in the CLAAS machine history
  • Special winter offers for spare parts kits or wear parts
  • Quote for a specific repair job or comprehensive inspection
  • Optional involvement of CLAAS factory customer service technician if separately commissioned by your dealer

Preventive maintenance to avoid cost surprises.

Order the original CLAAS post-harvest check from your sales partner, clean the machine and bring it in. They will then handle the whole process – from setting the timeline and, if applicable, commissioning the CLAAS customer service technician, to checking out every detail of your machine.

If any defects are found, or some significant preventive maintenance is needed, you will receive an individual quote for the repair or servicing job. You decide what work you want to have carried out, giving you full control over the work and the cost.

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